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Setup Gmail account Evolution mail.

Here is a small guide to setup your Gmail account in Evolution mail.

Evolution is the standard email client in Ubuntu and can be found in “Applications ->  Internet -> Evolution Mail”.


Forward until you get to the “Identity” screen.

Enter you full name and your full email address.  If you want your Gmail account to be your default address leave the tag next to the box.

Press forward until you reach the “Receiving Email” windows.











 Select “pop” from the drop down list.

Fill in the following information:

Username: [email protected]
Security: SSL

Press Forward until you reach the Sending Email screen








 Fill in the following information:

Server Type: SMTP

Encryption: SSL
Username: [email protected]

Press Forward, name your account and select your time zone.

And thats it, now you can send/recieve your Gmail.

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