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Tor Onion network guide

Tor Onion network guide

Tor (The Onion Router) is a free software implementation of second-generation onion routing – a system which claims to enable its users to communicate more anonymously on the Internet.



#### WARNING! ####
Content on the Tor Onions may be illegal, if by any chance, you save content, save this at a secure place!!! (prefered a encrypted drive)
Second of all if you save images and view it with Nautilus it saves thumbnails in /home/[USERNAME]/.thumbnails aka your home directory. Onces again a reason for encrypting (at least) your home directory
#### WARNING! ####

Run from terminal or alt +f2

firefox -no-remote -Profilemanager

Create an extra profile (remember the name of the profile ) and run it. Now in Firefox go to edit –> preferences

   remove the startpage
   Select the Content tab and uncheck java and javascript!!! (can be used to trace you!!!)
   Select the tab [Privacy]     check the second option from the bottom (delete on close Firefox) and click on the option to the right of it and check everything.
  *optinal: uncheck the bottom option, ask when deleting, it gets annoying…

Then open the "main menu" editor, system –> preferences
create a new starter and type in: firefox -no-remote -P [PROFILE NAME]
this way you can start it from your menu

Open software sources, go to the second tab, third party sources and add the following line: (rename <DISTRIBUTION> to your distro, jaunty for example)


deb jaunty main
deb intrepid main
deb hardy main

Now run the following line in terminal and confirm everything ( y followed by an enter )
sudo apt-get install libevent1 libevent-dev zlib1g zlib1g-dev openssl torbutton-extension privoxy tor

### privoxy config ###

open terminal and type:

cd /etc/privoxy
sudo nano config

Then add the line to the top of the config file. Don’t forget to add the dot at the end.

forward-socks4a / .

Privoxy keeps a log file of everything passed through it. In order to stop this you will need to comment out two lines by inserting a # before the line. The three lines are:

logfile logfile
and the line
jarfile jarfile (ubuntu 9.04 –> allready commented out (as far as I know))

Now save and exit nano and type:

sudo privoxy

Now enable tor in Firefox at the right bottom by clicking on it with your right mouse button.

Check if it works by going to: or

### TOR button config ###

Open the second tab, Security Settings.
Open the sub-tab , Shutdown and select the third option, Clear cookies during any browser shutdown.
Now Open the last sub-tab, headers, make sure the first 2 are checked. (Last one if prefered)

### TOR LIST ###

Main Wiki Tor






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